Not sure where to ask, Kenda 270?

I have a Yamaha xt 550 that I need to replace the tires on. I found some cheap Kenda 270's in sizes 3.00x21" in the front and 4.10x18" out back. It sounds like a small tire for the xt. Does anyone have an opion? I will be using this bike 80% road and maybe 20% offroad?

My son uses the Kenda 270s on his BRP for street use, pretty good for that, but they suck off road.

Ya I have a DRZ for the off-road, but I'm just not sure if the tires will be to small or what I will be giving up.

I have the 270's on my DR650 (5.10 on the rear), they seem to be an ok 50/50 tire.

i'd go with a wider rear. they're readily available tires, and should give you 3000-4000 miles of use. i used them on my klr650. they're not the greatest dirt tires ever, but no tire that will hold up to 80% street use is all that great offroad. they'll work great for touring-type trailriding and not-too-difficult trails.

one thing many people comment on is that the tires feel a bit squirmy on the pavement for the first 1000 miles. the knobs are fairly tall and soft, so when you lean the bike way over you can feel the back end wiggling a bit. it's not dangerous, but it does feel a little funny. if you're the type that really likes to push it in the twisties, it's probably not a good tire, but for touring and gentler riding they're a good reasonably priced tire. i rode mine to lapaz and back.


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