Shock Adjusting

I was hoping to get some help/opinions on what I need to do to correctly dial in my rear shock. At stock setting, my rear was bouncing around all over the place. This was occuring during whoop sections, step up jumps where my rear did not quite clear and on big jumps ( feet bouncing off of pegs ). I stiffened the rear clickers by two and this seemed to help, somewhat, but after I did that it felt like my legs were absorbing all of the impact and I got tired much faster. I am currently trying to hook up with a guy who does suspension work, but until then ---- ANY SUGGESTIONS :applause:

try slowing down your rebound it could be too fast

I agree with tim696- probably your rebound. Try putting your compression clickers back, and go 1-2 clicks in for rebound at a time. :applause: Don't forget to set your sag!

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