Scaphoid bone graft hurting, what next?

after 80mph highside my scaphoid is ruining my life!

had 2 operations now, latest wuth a pelvic bone graft. Its been 3 months since the Op (which is the recovery time) and it feels awful still.

I have very limited movement prob about 45 degrees each way and its weak and painful when i ride. .Has anyone else had the bone graft and how long did it take for recovery?

What next if it doesnt heal this time - has anyone had the titanium implant!!?

im desperate :applause:

post a copy of the recent X-ray. Consider electric stim. The scafoid is the only place it really works well

About 5 years ago I broke the scaphoid in my left wrist.They took bone from my hip and pinned it in my wrist. It took me about 6-7 months to heal but I never went to physical therapy.

These days I don't have full range of motion but I can ride with no pain and it doesn't effect my life in any way.My wrist does crack every once in a while and the only slight pain I experience is when doing push ups.

My advice is don't skip physical therapy,it will help alot.

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