Pipe Question

Ok so... I am looking to get a pipe for my Crf 80 and i have narrowed the search down to either the White Bros Mini R4

Or the FmF Power Core 4

which one is better? At this point im leaning towards the white bros.. Whats the best pipe outta the 2 :bonk: Help would be greatly appreciated :cry::cry::applause:

i have always had good luck with white bros.

yea i think ill get a white bros :applause: thx man :bonk:

Definitely WB over FMF, but i think i would go with the Pro Circuit or Big Gun over both of those. That is what i plan on getting for my Daughters CRF 80

Yeah I would get big gun, seems like they get good reviews, and their prices are significantly better than some of the other big manufacturerers.

Is pro circut really that much better tthan white bros

????? :applause::bonk::cry:

i think pro circuit is alot better then white bros..but thats just me..PC might be a lil more exspensive though..so you gotta watch for that..but ive had alot of power gains using PC on my toys lol

lolerz the dealer says the PC is cheaper :applause: should i go for it at 180$

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