So I parted it out..

For those of you debating selling the bike or parting it out, definitely part it out. I just sold my 03 YZ250F and made about $4800 and still have a few parts for it laying around. I would have been lucky to get $2800 for it as a whole bike. Now, I did have a lot of aftermarket parts to sell like complete exhaust, excel/talon, rg3, magura clutch, etc. Anyways, I just wanted to let others know now that my stuff is sold and I don't care about the competition :applause: It is kind of sad to see it go in pieces...until the money starts rolling in. I only paid $5000 for it in 03, so that is a good ROI.

Thats awesome. Whats left over? Things like airbox, swingarm?? All on Ebay it take it?

How did you sell it? EBAY, local paper? I am thinking about doing the same.

I still can't figure how you got that much for all the items

Well, I did it on ebay except the clutch I sold here on tt. I have tried to sell stuff on here, but most people are tight arses. I had guys offering me $800 for the motor and it went for almost $1500 on ebay. I should mention I had 2 sets of wheels, but the one set only went for $300. I sold rotors by themselves, ARC levers, etc. Here is my list I was using to keep track of stuff with. I still have the brake systems and some hoses and all the motor mounts, bolts, etc. And to be honest, some of the stuff went cheap, like the forks, subrame, airbox, front brakes.

YZ250F parts

Hydraulic Clutch $125.00

Motor $1485.00

Wheel front $273.00

Wheel rear $321.55

Fork guards $ 20.50

Hand guards $ 26.50

Louvers $ 20.50

Glide Plate $ 39.00

Radiator Braces $ 38.00

Wave Rotor $136.00

Forks $135.00

Exhaust (PC) $207.00

Frame Guards $ 14.00

Kicker $ 20.00

Frame $100.00

Subframe $ 50.00

Radiator R $101.00

Radiator L $113.50

Fenders $ 19.50

Tank/Shrouds $127.50

CF guards $ 46.00

Oil filter $ 51.00

Brake lever $ 21.50

Clutch lever $ 27.00

Stock Clamps $ 10.00

Carburetor $202.50

RG3 $274.00

Seat $ 66.00

Gas Valve $ 10.50

Brake Guard $ 2.00

Throttle $ 20.00

Air box $ 11.50

# Plates $ 31.00

Rear Rotor $ 36.00

Front Rotor $ 26.00

Linkage $ 10.00

Wheels/2 $304.00

Manual $ 10.00

Spacers $ 56.00

Rear Shock $ 77.50

Front Brake $ 41.00

Rear Brake $

Swingarm $ 30.00

Zip Ty $ 55.00

Good job John, lots of patience and work to do what you did... :applause:

thats really good i think i would be kinda scared to do that with mine. my luck i would only get half of the bike sold and couldnt sell the rest.

Well, what I did first was put the motor on ebay and one of the set of wheels. I figured if the motor got at least $1200, the rest would go fine, if not I was going to keep it and ride it. I watched some people on there parting them out and was pretty amazed at how much they make. There is at least 3 users on there that all they do it part out bikes (which I am looking into doing myself now). Then I was freaked out because I listed everything else and the guy who "won" the motor didn't pay and I had to relist. It actually worked out because it went for $1250 the first time and $1485 the second. One word of advice though, I have over 1000+ feedbacks on ebay, so that normally helps in pricing.

I just parted out my 03 while I was on vacation and have parted out one other bike. I did fine on both but in order to do well I think the bike must have lots of accessories or low hours which both of mine had. Once the wheels start getting out of true and the bearings and consumables start to wear to the point of not being an upgrade for someone then prices drop. Also who wants to take a chance on a motor with lots of hours. The most overused and untrue phrase on ebay is "low hours", everybody exaggerates it to some degree. It depends on the supply too. Sometimes there are a ton of yzf's being parted out on ebay which drives the price down. I have seen several new people as well just parting out bikes for a living but as you know if the profits are good then the number of people will go up and drive the prices down. It is a lot of work but if researched and done properly then it can be rewarding. I'm not trying to discourage anyone just do your homework and as stated above start with the motor. Its amazing what people will pay for them!

Yeah, my bike had an hour meter since new...only 65.7 hours sinc 1/03.

Do you guys think I could make more than 2300 of off my '01 yz250f by parting it? Thats the most I can see myself getting by selling it. I have 2 different aftermarket pipes and a brand new megabomb header, the stock pipe boyesen apc cover, jetting kit, aftermarket fuel screw, two sets of forks (one worked over by race tech), 2 rear shocks, applied triple clamps, stock clamps and the motor has had only one intake valve adjusted so that shows the relatively low hours on the bike. Have few other parts on the bike but those seem to be worth the most to me. Thanks if you can read through all that babbling. Also I have been offered trades for a 2004 kx125 mostly stock. And a 2001 400ex. I am not interested in keeping either of them but what about selling or parting out one of those machines? Decisions decisions.

If you think selling a yzf 250 is hard then you don't even want to think about the kx 125. I saw a brand new 2005 kx 125 on ebay with an opening bid of $3400 and no reserve and no body bid on it. With the aftermaket goodies you have you will definetly make $2300 and you should be around $3000 total maybe more. You have to ask yourself, is the extra $700 worth the time to do it and do you have the time to do it? If so then go for it, actually if done correctly you should make more than $3000.

Yeah, my bike had an hour meter since new...only 65.7 hours sinc 1/03.

I wasn't trying to say you exaggerated yours but it does happen alot. Back in 03, I won a used 02 250f from a dealer off ebay for $3200 which was a good price for a low hour bike. The ad read super low hours and needs nothing, ready to ride. Of course the pictures looked good and after driving 4 hours one way the bike needed everything. Tires, chain and sprockets, bearings, cables, and brake pads were all junk. I was pi$$ed!

To me making an extra 200 dollars is pretty much worth it. It is winter time and not much else to do around here so time isnt a problem. So how should I go about this? Is ebay the route to do it? My dad has an ebay account with a huge amount of postive feedbacks and I would say zero negatives. So that is a strong point. Also do you guys feel that when taking pictures of the motor do you think I should take the head off and take a picture of the internals? would that help with pricing? Any other pointers? Thanks alot.

I don't think the internal pictures are important. Just make sure the motor is out of the frame.


Sounds like the bike has been treating you well. Did you reshim any of the valves after buying it from me? If not, that's amazing. Good luck parting her out. Hate to see it die that way but I guess it's sort of like being an organ donor. Did you put a big bore kit on it?

Yeah Logan I didnt have to touch a thing. The bike really has ben amazing to me. Besides a few little problems its been flawless. I dont know if I am parting it out yet right now I am just trying to get a feel for what it would be like. No big bore kit no serious work.

I have parted out two bikes on ebay. 87 kdx 200 bought for $600 parted for $1200. 96 KTM 360 bought for $400 parted for $2100. I was very lucky on both my deals as far as my initial investment. As long as you don't get screwed on the shipping you can usually do well parting a bike out. Take good pictures and use paypal or similiar service, you won't have to wait for you money!

I don't know why you sold your forks so cheap. Aswell as your rear shock.

That's the risk you take, sometimes certain parts just don't sell. If you put a reserve on all the parts it can scare bidders away.

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