Pitbike newbie buying advice?

Hi guys im from the UK and would like to buy a pitbike for messing around on. I really want to spend as little as possible and have seen this:



Its 315 uk pounds which is about 540 US dollars.

Would you say it looks ok? What other makes would you reccomend that are avalable over here and not over 1000 US dollas?

Cheers, Si

thats the best pitbike ive seen for that price, it acually looks pretty good

Yeah i thought it looked pretty good for the money! Im thinking of ordering one soon. Do you think usual pitbike upgrades will fit this sort of cheaper pitbike (e.g. performance exhausts, big shock, stiffer/longer fork springs etc?).


ya that looks almost exactly like an sdg which is the same design as a pitster..i say go for it

yea forks and swinger looks like the sdg.....it looks ok to me

Man I'm a bit sick after seeing that link, Got mine just before Christmas.

Bikes look very simillar but i paid a little more .Have been giving mine a good trashing around the fields and out in the woods .Holding up well( bent rear break but its seen the ground quiet a bit :applause: ) I'd say go for it .Maybe let us know How you get on in a little while ,if you dont mind.Have a few friends interested in some bikes.

Yes it is a very nice bike gor for it , its a bargain ! :applause:

Thanks for the comments guys! I will order one soon and give you guys a review on it and of course some pics!

good luck dog

let us know how it turns out for you..

Ive submitted an offer of 250 pounds to the seller on ebay and i'll see what he says.

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