BD finally arrived, one question?

what method did you use to connect the wires? i want a nice, clean, water-tight, strong connection of course. thanks :applause:

i soldered mine, wrapped them in duct tape then covered it all with liquid electrical tape

been working fine for over a year

I use weathepak connenctors.. designed for GM,, but available from a number of retailers,, Napa being one. They are a bit bulky for bikes,,,but the smaller ones like used on OEM bike connection are not available in small quantities as far as I can tell. Make friends with a shop service manager,, and he might sell you a few for a sano hook up, other then that use the weatherpak or like connenctore,, or,, soldier and use polyfin heatshrink tube made by SM

I cut the 3 DRZ wires about 4" from the 3 pin connector, and crimped each BD wire to the corresponding DRZ wire using wire connectors, then wrapped each with electical tape, individually, and then all three together. Then, zip tied them to the frame cross brace behind the 3x3 hole.

If you want the photos I took last evening, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send them to you.

PM sent, thanks :applause:

I used these....

They were easy to use and I have had no problems. :applause:

you gotsta solder that shiat. Don't forget the flux and heatshrink :applause:

Joker, You have an e-mail from me with photos of the install.


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