2006 supercross team line ups and MX insiders....

I was bored today so I searched to see if I could find out more on the privateer team line ups. What I noticed is that the only way to get any answers...is to pay for them. Motonews.com was the only place that seems to have a good up to date listing, but its only available to paying customers. Whats the deal with that? People always complain that motocross doesn't get that great of main streem press, but thats because main streem press reporters know jack s**t about motocross and most motocross insiders are on a power trip. I may be way off base here, but if I wanted to find the starting line up for a NCAA division 2 baseball team I could find it in 3 minutes. If you want to know what Tim Ferry will be riding next year you gotta pay up.

Anyone else see somthing wrong with that? That our biggest MX insiders are just a few photographers on a power trip?


I subscribe to the Mag......and keep up to date on the website. They post it pretty much as it happens whether it be a team signing someone, or someone talking trash at the track...they let you know :applause: RACER X publications are the best source for people who are serious about U.S. :cry: Motocross / Supercross information. :bonk::cry::cry:

i get racer x too...sometimes i dont feel like getting my news a month late. and if you ask me, i think their website has been pretty vague on the breaking news since they changed the website....its more press releases for sponsors and ads than anything.

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