Help Wiring diagram needed for year 2000, 610.

Hi, I have bought a Year 2000 Husqvarna 610 ex race supermoto as a winter project. I am in the middle of doing the bike up for the road here in the uk, and require a wiring diagram for the kickstart model. I have downloaded a manual from the net but it seems to be for electric start bikes, and i would like it wired without the need for a battery.

Please help



P.S Are there any good road legal light kits for here in the uk? :applause:


I have just found out that the bike is a te 610. (kickstart)

Got one thanks anyway.

JTG :applause:

ae you sure it is a TE- In the US the TC is kick and the TE is electric? I have a TC-610 and it is Kick with no electric hook ups.

Hi i have been told its a tc 610 the diagram i have is for that model. How many wires are there coming from the ignition. There are 6 from mine, 4 to spark plug and 2 yellow. on the diagram i have there are only 5 and the spark plug coil is different.


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