Anyone have experience with the 115cc kit?


I'm currently building up a 100 conversion. I am on a very limited budget.

My current engine ran perfectly fine but we tore it down to check it out...(22 years old, 300miles)...

So between the gaskets, new piston rings, and getting a broken exhaust stud fixed, I'm considering just making the investment and picking up one of these kits for $219...(basicly it'll cost me about $115 more than just putting mine back together.)

What are your thoughts?

I have one with a stock carb. It runs better than stock, but not better than a 120. It needs a 200x carb too. If you're on a budget, try and work a 200x carb into it as well and eventually get a different cam. The cam it comes with is very mild.

I should have mentioned that I already purchased a new 22mm carb (a kehien replica)...jetted from the factory for a 97cc engine...

So in your opinion, it's worth the money for the cylinder and piston kit? The quality / construction is satisfactory?

Socal, thanks for your guidance. I appreciate that your always willing to share your experience.

Socal is right. I have am s stage 115 on my xr and it runs maybe 20% better than stock with a mild cam. the quality is top notch and the motor is completely reliable. The stock clutch can slip a little with a fat guy like me on it (195lbs) though.

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