White plastic in head

I read somwhere on here a while back that someone found a piece of white plastic in there engine and couln't work out where it came from. Think I have discoverd the answer.

Saw a WR400 engine the other day with a piece floating around in the valves. Where does it come from? The locating tab on the air filter cage is the culprit. It can cause all sorts of problems if it snaps off, including a stuck throttle on its way through the carb. Keep an eye on it and if its slightly damaged break it off or replace the cage. Anybody else seen this happen?

Cheers from Fitzy in OZ


2001 wr400. lid removed, pro circut T4 muffler home made baffle, de-wired

I posted the question about the white plastic on the site earlier this year. The plastic was from the stator that had melted and then blown up. The person who did the work on the bike before I bought it didn't clean out all the debries and I found them.

Its hard to find a decent mechanic nowdays, so I do all my own work now. Don't trust them anymore. Last one left a gasket out of my RMX 250 Suzi. Cost his boss a new barrel for my bike

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