Nervous front end on '06 DRZ

I am trying to find out how to set up my new '06 DRZ 400S (dual-sport) suspension to provide better trail handling and cure the nervous front end.

This is my first 4-stroke and by far the heaviest off-road bike I've ridden. I have been riding 2-strokes for about 10 years and my current race machine is a KTM 300 which tracks and reacts completely different than the DRZ.

Problem # 1: The DRZ front end is very "squirrely" at higher speeds. FYI, I've checked out everything on the bike and it appears that it was set up correctly by the dealer. The race sag is 100mm. The only mod's are Dunlop 606's. I have not balanced the wheels but am not experiencing any noticeable wobble either. However when seated, the slightest steering input on the bars creates a loose, unsettling, unstable feeling in the front. On dirt roads it creates a wobble from the front to rear. I think it's just the characteristics of this bike but it feels unsafe. The only way I can control it is to stand up all the time and clench the seat with my knees. I would like to void spending $500 on a steering damper, unless that is the only cure.

Problem # 2: Another big concern with the DRZ is the bikes poor response on high speed cornering when in seated position. It wants to stand up in corners with the correct pressure on handlebars (very scary :applause: ). Again, the only way I've found to correct this is to stand up, and lean over the bars to get it to turn right. I do this often on the KTM when running hard but the KTM also handles and steers well in the seated position.

Here is a thread I started on this issue in the DRZ forum :

I read your thread on the DRZ forum. I agree, if those are stock tires, replace them with whatever those guys over there recommend. Also, I didn't see anyone recommend to make sure the plane of the handlebar isn't rotated in the clamps forward of the steering head plane. That can make for funny handling characteristics. At least even with or slightly behind seems best.

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