Washing your bike...What cleaner??

Hi all,

Just trying to get some input as to what cleaners everybody is using. I have been using Simple Green for years and switched over to Greased Lightning (stuff is awesome) but after a couple of washes I noticed that it was eating away the aluminum so I have now switched back. I also noticed that Simple green leaves a little bit of a haze. I have also thought about using car washing formulas or laundry but they all say not to be used on aluminum.

Has anybody tried any after market products? I thinking about picking up some Maxima Cleanup and giving that a shot.

I only use simplegreen.

If i do not have Simple Green i use dish soap, somtimes windex or an all purpose cleaner. I will use whatever will clean it and than rinse very well

It Depends On What I'm Cleaning....for Motor, Simple Green. For Plastics/swing Arm/rims, Sos Or Brillo Pad.

Simple Green Aircraft Cleaner for my motor, aluminum, rims and swingarm. Regular Simple Green for everything else.

I have used lots of stuff, and nothing comes close to the "Suzuki Bike Wash", you have to try it once!

Another vote for Simple Green. It's cheap since you dilute it with water and works great. Works really good for cleaning air filters too but you have to use it full strength.

I use spray purple power degreser on everything except the muffler. Then pressure wash clean then armorall on all the plastic and rubber the polish aluminum and stainless steel with Never Dull.

Even though I'm the only guy on the track that will run through the most muddy sections and take the line that is full of water I ALWAYS get comments on how clean my bike is. (before I start riding)

But must be willing to repack bearings with grease and lubericte everything about every 3rd day of riding.

Liquid Performance Bike wash - works on everything, and works better than simple green

Another Simple Green user here.

I let any mud soak for a few minutes and use dishsoap. Works like a charm!

I usually just use 409...but lately I've been using Simple Green mixed 50/50

I've used many brands of degreeser and all seem to work well, but i'm like the other guy that likes his bike to sparkle and the best thing for that is TurtleWax 2000. It's like armorall but better. It also works well on wheels and any aluminum.

S100, good stuff even for boots.

I use water.

on the motor i use grease lighting and for the plastics i used pledge

After all that i am now dummer, thanks.

I only use simplegreen.


Liquid Performance Bike wash - works on everything, and works better than simple green

I have a bottle of that and its identical to the Suzuki Bike Wash (going by color and smell), except the Suzuki stuff cost much less. I just ordered a 5 gallon jug of the Zook stuff for $89, use it to fill all 6 of my Zook 1 qt spray bottles. Zook stuff is $7.95 for the small spray bottles. You can get a 1 gallon refill for $22. I also spray it on my boots to make them look new and the real dirty spots on my riding gear, hit it with a little of the Zook (use it like "Spray-N-Wash") and it comes out spotless everytime.

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