Which Hand guards for 7/8 Renthal Bars?

Happy holidays Everybody

Anyone know of a type of handgurad that works real well on the Rehtnal 7/8 bar...... I mean the full wrap around metal bar hand guards, not hand shields.


Cycra Pro Bends

Get the Moose aluminum ones with their handshields (can get them standard or XL size) and if you want to get a REALLY nice set up order a pair of the cycra triple clamp mounts. That way the inner end of your handguard mounts to the triple clamp and not the inner bar, makes them WAY less prone to bend.

I have the Cyras, they are really nice, I've heard good things about Moose as well. With either set you can get adaptors if you change to fat bars :applause:

Cycra Pro-Bends with the triple clamp mount. The only way to go! :applause:

Cycra ProBends. Just sold mine on ebay a few weeks ago. Put new bars on and decided to ditch the hand guards. Now I better get some ASV folding levers!

Fredette XCR2 hand guards. They are very thick and mount to the top clamp. There is plenty of room and no need to trim the levers.

cycra or moose

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