how good is your manual

I have a WR and an XR. Factory manuals for both. The Honda manual is pretty good, step by step instructions/pictures for a simpleton like me to follow. The Yamaha manual, OTOH, is cryptic at best. Lacks any sort of index. Gives you a schematic of something complex then articulates only the most counterintuitive steps of the process. This got me wondering how other manuals rate.

The manual for my 00 YZ426 has been very detailed and helpful. I am really suprised that the manual for an 03 WR450 wouldn't be as good if not better.

mine is great imo.

Mine is the best owner's manual I've ever seen, regardless of vehicle. I have a shop manual for my Honda PWC that is phenomenol too, but I had to pay a pretty penny for it as it wasn't included with the boat...SC

I think I could tear down every bolt, screw, washer with my manual with confidence.

Just follow it step by step and you can't go wrong!

Got my new 2006 WR450 today! :cry:

I think the manual is pretty good, but what's up with the tools?

All you get is a spark plug wrench and a spoke wrench? :cry: OEM tools being what they are, I guess I don't care. Plus there no place to carry any tools anyway. Gotta get a fender bag and I'll just have to shift my tools back and forth between the DRZ and the WR. A guy could have worse problems to deal with. :bonk:

So what's my point? Nothing, really. Mostly I just wanted to write "Got my new 2006 WR450 today!" Everyone that owns a phone is tired of hearing me say it. :applause:

No Complaints here:

I am just finishing up a complete rebuild and street-tarding of my '99 WR 400 from the frame up, including a new/rebuilt topend, and have yet to run into a problem. It seems with basic knowledge and a bit of help from countless threads on this site and others that everything needed to be known or done can essentially be retrieved and achieved. It's just a matter of having the right tools and patience so you don't ruin an awesome bike. When in doubt, double check, look in the manual, ask a knowledgable person, or look online, better to spend 10-20 minutes doing it right then 1-2 hours fixing your mistake.

As far as tools are concerned: I know these bikes cost a pretty penny to purchase, modify, and maintain, but's that's just what we are paying for, bikes! I love tools and dont mind having to purchase some to get the job done right (or just borrowing some friends!!!). Besides, coughing up some change for tools now will save you gobs down the road on having to pay a mechanic, but you probably already know this and have tools of your own, congrats on the '06 bcs I'm sure it's the best WR to date...

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