I am getting lights for a 24 hour race.

You people that have tried these, what do you think would be the best for the money?

I'm getting a 75W lighting coil and the headlight will be the only thing drawing from it! :applause:

Baja Designs 60W halogen headlight (except with black housing)

Acerbis diamond headlight 60W(3 different 20W bulbs, 2 floods and 1 pencil)

Or any others that are less than $150 that you know are good! Thank you! :bonk::cry:

I have the Acerbis Diamond. It is bright at night, not anything special during the day. When I bought mine the lighting was listed as 2-35 watt halogens and a 10 watt pencil beam. I'm not sure about the 20 watters suggested. That 10 watt pencil beam is BRIGHT! There are pics in My Garage if you want to check them out.

Oh and the Acerbis is far less than $150. :applause:

cool! thanks! :cry: said that it was 2 20w floods and a 20W pencilbeam. I dont really know thats what they said. I know its less than $150. I was wondering if someone had any other good light for less than $150! :applause:

Have you ride trails at night with it? Does it light up a big area real bright, or just some right in front of you, and a little pencil way up ahead?

You couldn't by chance take a pic of what the lights look like at night from the rider's view, could you? If so, thanks alot!

Has anyone used tha BD light? how is it?

Thanks again! :bonk::cry:

Yea I've found the wattage different in three places. The light is pretty bright and is a fairly large area, definitely not right in front of you. The pencil beam doesn't just poke a bright spot out, it more or less diminishes with the other lights...might be because mine is slightly higher up??? I'll take a picture of the output tonight if I remember.

okay, thanks!

anybody got anything?

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