RMZ250 vs XR250

i have a 2001 xr250 with mods.. and i was thinking of getting a suzuki rmx250. which is 2 stroke. which bike do you prefer, also which do you think is a better all around bike.. power, suspension, handling........... thanks

hey you botched the title.anyhow the rmx would be better than the xr.what year rmx ?


the RMX would be better..then again, that's what I ride. They handle great and are easy to ride. Depending on the riding you plan to do, make sure the suspension is set up for your weight and terrain.


I used to ride an xr250 and made the switch to a cr250.night and day difference.even modded out the xr wasn't close to the stock cr.I think the rmx makes 40+ hp and the xr is probably 20-22 tops.

I do not think they are even in the same league, first the XR is an old style 4 stroke, nothing like the newer CRF250 at least powerwise, but there is no way the power could compare to the RMX, as for suspension the RMX should way better. Reliability both should be good, the XR probably better as the rings will last way longer.


I had an '87 XR250 once (two months); now '97 RMX (six years). The former was designed as and is a fine trail bike, whereas the latter was designed as a race bike. They both fulfill their original intent well, and there's really no practical comparison between the two; there's slighlty more overlap between a KDX and the RMX, but the RMX comes with quality suspension out of the box. Extracting more performace out of the RMX is less $ than any of the above.

XR's Only did the XR's engine, and ProValve reworked the suspension - worked well but was no race bike. It took a lot less $ to get an even higher level of performance out of my RMX; it's a keeper.

PM me if you want to know what can and should be done to make it even better.


RMZ250 vs XR250... Damnit Tim can't you type? :applause::bonk:

Thought you were lookin into an rmz there for a second..

But yeah guys, The RMX he's looking at is in what i'd call excellent condition..It's a 98 w\ alot of mods done to it and the Current owner said it had rebuilt suspension by FMF. I know fmf deals w\ suspension but is there any way to tell if FMF really did the job or he just put stickers on the forks?

Go for the RMX. It's a better bike every way you look at it, exceot reliability. The RMX isn't as bulletproof as the XR, but it's not far behind.

My guess is that the XR250s out sold the RMX250s by about 50 to 1 during the few years the RMX was sold. The KDX200s were also much more popular than the RMXs. I suppose there is some good reason for this. I would never say the RMX is better than the XR or KDX but only different. On easy courses or trails the RMX should be faster than XR or KDX but the rider will get tired much quicker. On tougher sections any advantage of RMX fades quickly especially for beginner or novice rider. I would describe the XR250 as a play bike that could be raced in beginner classes. The KDX200/220 is a play bike that could be raced competitively to expert level. I would rate the RMX as a --- well, a mistake for Suzuki and a big money looser that just couldn't stand up to the competition in the showroom or on the track. Even the Suzuki factory cross country riders rode the RMs. Look at Rodney Smith. Also, you should be carefull if the owner is calling it a 98 since the last year sold in USA was 94. If you are set on a 250 2 stroke for cross country look at the YZs, CRs, and KXs in that order or a KTM...

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