Dutch DRZ going to Dakar!

Thats pretty cool :bonk: One long ride on a DRZ, but then Dakar was never intended to be a cakewalk! Good luck and keep us post on your progress. :applause:


Noppy :applause:

For his own good I hope he will change those handlebars :applause:

this is some cool shit...!

good luck for Maurice!

Go DRZ!!!!!!! keep us posted :applause:

This is a DRZ400E, modified to run on African gas...


Which means what... They changed the base gasket? My S has been running fine on "African" gas for two years...But that was with the stock base gasket...When I put my transmission back together hopefully in about a week's time I'm going to a E base gasket and I'll see how that runs on "African" gas...

That's the riding I had when I was in Mauritania...Man if you like to ride Desert...That is THE place...Serious desert...Some sections can go for hundreds of miles without anything except for an occasional Taureg encampment... Sand can get so soft and deep that you can sink your bike right up to the skid plate if you don't keep your momentum...I used Pirelli Sand tires when I was there...No stock petrol tanks used there I assure you...

I'm curious what the purpose of the extra bodywork is? Unless it's being fabbed to carry fuel, why carry the extra weight?

you're bang on......FUEL!!! :applause:

Why the low pipe?

I'm curious what the purpose of the extra bodywork is? Unless it's being fabbed to carry fuel, why carry the extra weight?

Sure he carries a lot of fuel...

I heard it is mandatory to carry about 1.2 gallons of extra water supplies, apart from the Camel back. Besides that he needs to store a couple of flairs, emergency beacon, tools, 2 GPSses and a device to hear / sea cars and truck wanting to overhaul.

They body is designed in such a sturdy way that he may fall a couple of times with 70 / 80 mph in a rocky environment, without tearing the bike apart :applause:


I would love to see a DRZ finish but I have a hard time believing that they can perform like an xr650R in that open desert. The americans get my cheers!!! DRZ or not!!! A good chart reader/navigator on a DRZ vs a poor one on an XR or something similar? hmmm, could be interesting.

Anyone know if that front fairing can be gotten?

Hope that's not stock seat foam? :applause:

No case savers. Hmmmm.

i love that low Yosh' it speaks volume... :bonk:

GO DRz GO !!!!!!!!!!!!! :applause:

Anyone know if that front fairing can be gotten?

Looks like a stockish KTM part.

OK - I stand corrected on the no case savers.

It appears from the trim of his bike he's in the "Group1: Production" or "superproduction" class... which according to the regulations forbids "All modifications or reinforcing of all or part of the frame as well as all change of material, except reinforcement designed to carry extra tranks or luggage racks."

Really interesting read btw: http://www.dakar.com/2006/DAK/LIVE/docs/reglement_moto_uk.pdf

GO DRZ GO!!!!!!!!


My french sucks but it appears to be 136 euro for the lights (double optique de phare) 328 Euro for the fairing (Carénage avec peinture finition) 94 Eros for the brackets

Total 559 Euro.

Sweet but pricey. I linked to them awhile ago they have neat stuff.

One of the older DRZ Dakar bikes used the KTM 640adventure plastic also.

That setup looks sweet.

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