2005 crf450 rg3 upper clamp?

whats the best one to get? 24mm or 22mm?

If you go w/ a different offset than stock, 24mm, then you have to get both

upper and lower clamps. If you go that route then you should

consider the 20mm. I run 20 RG3s and love them.

Ya i just want the upper...so 20mm then

You'll need both the upper and lower if you get ANYTHING other than the 24mm.

I agree with angrytim. I put 22mm offset upper and lower clamp on my '04 450r and I noticed absolutely no difference in turning. I have rode 450s with 20mm offset since I bought mine and the difference is very noticable. If you are putting on clamps to improve turning on your bike, then definitely go with the 20mm. If you just want the 4 post design of the rg3 and are only replacing the top clamp, then you will need to go with the 24mm offset which matches the stock offset of your bottom clamp.

I have the 20mm RG3s on my 05 as well and they are awesome!

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