$30 helmet cam vid

Found this Swann micro cam on sale on boxing day. Fitted it to spare helmet, carried sony dv cam in fanny pack for recording. Went for a quick ride to test it out. First impressions were good, 320 lines, decent color. As you see from the vid the biggest problem encountered was the cam doesnt like light transitions. Going from tree covered trails to open areas where the snow is it gets lots of vertical lines. Also the pitch of the camera was too low by about 3-4º. Sound had interference so music was overlayed. Im thinking rides in areas with little or no light tranistion will help to eliminate the lines. Ride in either wide open shadeless areas or in completly wooded/shaded areas.

Clip was whipped up with windows movie maker, video quality was sacrificed to video compression. I posted this just for information, the cam is the Swann DIY security camera kit. My intended purposes with this cam is just to have reference to trails/places I ride. To make a quality movie I'd certainly want to upgrade to a much better camera.


thats cool


not bad for $30 to bad for the vertical lines other then that it seemed to work good


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