HELP Rc125sx

My rear disc brake is always locking up when ever it gets hot. The axle is on straight and it spins fine on a stand and while riding it for a few minutes and then it will just lock up. What can I do. I just got this bike a few days ago and I am having alot of problems like having the triple clamps not drilled out enough so the handle bars dont fit and the graphics just peeling off. Customer service is great since they are mailing me brand new sets of graphics and triple clamps but I just want to ride it instead of fixing it. What can I do to fix the rear disc brake?

is the pegmount bent? Might be holding the brake pedal down while you're riding it...

Common prob on knock-offs. Check to see if the pegmount has bent and is pressing down on the lever.

I just checked and that is not the problem. I dont think that will ever be a problem since the peg mount is also chromoly. Atleast the triple clamps came in today so I can fix that. They sent it on 2 day shipping which was nice.

There was a guy at the races last week had the same prob on his brand new rc motors bike too. He said they had to offset his brake rotor slightly . It was rubbing on the caliper and heating up and then it would lock up. So call them up and find out exactly what they did to fix it.

That is exactly what is happening and when we called they said to line up the axle since they forget to put in a spacer. Thanks alot.

Cool, Glad you are back on the bike again.

I was glad to. WAS. I did a 6 INCH jump and the rear inner tube popped. I am really mad at this bike and I am now considering getting a Pitster Pro. Can anyone tell me where I can get for pretty cheap since I got my rc125sx for $1499 shipped and I would like to get a pitster around that price.

Popping the rear tubes are common. We popped the ones on our pitsters too. Just keep a couple extra around. I saw a guy at the last PM ride day pop three of them on his Honda in about three hours time.

you may want to put some duct tape in instead of a rim strap too.

Yeah thanks. I am thinking about getting my money back and buying a Pitster. I got hooked up so I can get the Pitster for what I paid for the RCM. Do you think I should do this?

well sounds like you have had some bad times with the rc125sx... i think you'll be happier with the pitster... i dont own one but i havent heard as many probs with them as your having...where in texas u at?

It's up to you if you want to work through all the issues with the RCM and try to stick it out or not. All bikes are going to give you some sort of trouble at one time or another.

The company that stands behind thier bike is the best one to go with.

I have a friend who blew out his rear wheel on his Pitster and they sent him a new one for free.

If RCM is making you buy the parts to get your bike to run the way it is supposed to I'd say that is just wrong!!!!

We have been racing Pitsters for 7 months now. We have broke stuff but thats racing. They ran good right from the moment we got them and are still running good.

I picked up an '05 RCM 125SX and I'm having some problems as well.

These guys do have excellent customer support, they will help you to get through your troubles.

I'm getting great support from both the distributor up her in Canada and RC Motors.

Cheers, :bonk:

#319 :applause:

The customer service is great and I am not paying for the parts and they are on 2 day shipping. I guess I will have to talk to Vince at RCM. I just hope that once I fix these small problems the bike will be fine since I just got out of a wheelchair from getting a triple spiral break in my left tibuia from racing my cr85 and I right now I feel safer on that then this little pitbike.

yea if thats the way you feel id switch to the pitster confidence in your bike is a big issue...

What I am probablly going to do and if they dont then I am going with the pitster is ship mine back to them and have Vince and his team of mechanics inspect one of the ones off of their showroom and have them ship me that one. The main reason why I am even trying all of this is since I got the bike %30 since I got sponsored and I figure that if I have to keep on fixing it then with the money that I save I can go get aftermarket stuff for it and make it really nice. Another thing is that I have been looking at everybodys RC125SX and all of the blue aniodizing matches and my triple clamps and sub frame are way way off so I just think that mine is just a one off mess up.

yea if they can send you one they gave the once over then you'd probably be better off... or just get a pitster...

I just got off the phone with Vince and he is mailing me atleast $250 worth of parts for free and on 2 day shipping. He is also sending me a brand new subframe because mine is offcolored. And since I am sponsored he is mailing me a brand new MIKUNI 24mm carb to replace the Sheng way 22mm. He is also letting me keep all of the old parts since he doesnt want us to pay for shipping. I know that I said that I didnt want to fix my bike and I just want to ride but the brand new carb is worth me doing a days worth of work. I dont know who has better customer service then RCM. :applause:

And since I am sponsored he is mailing me a brand new MIKUNI 24mm carb to replace the Sheng way 22mm.

The bike was supposed to come with a 24MM mikuni along with a slotted exhaust pipe hanger on subframe,37 tooth rear sprocket. Vince says to remove the brake pedal adjustment screw from footpeg mounts.

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