Low idle/running dead spot on 400s???

Hello everybody,excellent forum :applause:

I have an annoying low throttle input dead spot,when traveling in slow moving traffic or turning into a side street when you go from no throttle(slowing down) to picking up the throttle to accelerate,makes the bike awkward to ride slowly :cry:

The bike is a 2000 model,totally standard,any help on the above to eliminate this :cry: problem would be much appreciated


Mick :bonk:

Sounds like the notorious "off-idle bog." Time to head over to the jetting forum and describe to Burned your altitude/jetting setup over there in the U.K. Be prepared to cut a hole and fiddle with the carb. :applause:

Hi MickB,

Welcome to ThumperTalk, sounds like it's time for the 3x3 and DynoJet kit.

Do a "search this forum" on "3x3" and "DynoJet kit" then head on over to Burned's jetting forum.

Neil. :applause::bonk::cry:

PS, where in the UK are you.

I'm in Southend

I'm such an ass. Welcome to TT!!

Cheers guys,i take it this is a common problem with these bikes then??

I'm from Northamptonshire by the way :applause:



3x3 and dyno jet is the best $50 I ever spent. Makes your bike work SOOOO nice and keeps it fuel efficient, and dependable.

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