Looking for S parts

I'm looking to make my 00 E street legal in Massachusetts, and I need several things. Mainly, front turn signals, brake switches, and control switches for the turn signals/high low beam. I'm not looking to spend a lot, and can't really afford the Baja kit, or oem parts. Are there any good aftermarket sites I should see? Is anyone looking to get rid of their signals etc.?I'm planning on getting the UFO rear tail light assembly, so that isn't needed unless it's mad cheap. Let me know, and thanks in advance.

Any aftermarket blinker will be MUCH cheaper than stock. Check out Lockhart Phillips, they are frequently used and have good prices. You could use your imagination for controls, Home Depot sells a lot of switches that can be wired and mounted up. That's the cheapest I can think of.

Do ebay searches using "DRZ400" and "DRZ 400" and you'll find everything you need.

I emailed a couple guys at ebay. As far as LP, I wouldn't know what streetbike style light to get that would fit/look decent.

Check out my garage...those are the flushmount IV, if I remember correctly. Might be the III's, I can never remember. They are like $15 a pair. My fronts are lightworks LEDs. They were a little more, but nice.

I'm bidding on the tail light/signals for a 400s. If I win, you can have it if you want. I was going to convert a 400 here, but decided against it. Let me know if you are interested and we'll figure out how you can pay for it and get it shipped to you.

Not to blow smoke, but thats nice bro, shows drzers helping each other.

I have some stuff I was selling locally but have a look here to see if there is anything left you need.

I charge actual shipping costs via expedited post.

go to a harley dealer and get buell signals for cheap (like 10$ a pair). tail light from an s should be easy to find as they are so ugly :applause: but mine rattles and has a cracked lens so you cant use it.

Thanks for all the help, I found the ebay stuff and it is being shipped right now. I'm also bidding on a wiring harness so i can plug everything in easily, and some control parts. Again, thanks for the good ideas.

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