whats the differance???

whats the differance between an xc,xc-w,exc-g,xc-g??? :applause:


The "G" just means its jetted lean to pacify Kalifornia

The "W" means wide ratio gearbox, which at this time only applys to two strokes, I expect 06 to have a "W" avalable in their off road versions of the 250SXF


450EXC, the E is a long stroke engine with an ultra wide ratio gearbox, this bikes claim to fame is in slopping thru mud, the long stroke engine maintains great traction, this is king of the woods, btw has spark arrestor & lights, tank just under 2 gallons is sized for AMA Enduro series where rules call for gas stops at 50 miles


450XC is a bigger bore shorter stroke than the the "E", has a hybrid transmission, wide ratio for 1st & 2nd, then close ratio. This bike is king of the hard core blasters that ride with the back end hanging out, a bit happier in dry counter but by no means unhappy in mud. Muffler only, no lights, slightly larger tank than the "E"

525EXC Like the 450EXC with a bigger bore

525EX Like the MXC before it really set up for baha, close ratio trans, 3+ gallon tank, no spark arresor. This transmission is not real happy in the woods as low is tall, set up for open desert! (trick here is, in sand you want to start out in a tall gear! a low first gear just digs a hole.)

okay....so then the 2 smokes wouldnt be a green sticker bike then?/?

I think the only green sticker bike would be the RFS EXC's. I guess I could've just said EXC's since the only EXC's available in the states this year are RFS's. I don't believe there is such a thing as an XC-G, is there?

Oops, my bad. I just looked on ktmusa.com and they do show the RFS XC's as G models. So I guess those would be green sticker, too. Interesting.

yep, the XC's are green sticker legal. Read it in dirt rider review I think, definately read it in a mag review.

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