'06 450R - Works Connection Radiator Braces Don't Fit....

with the IMS 3.2 gal desert tank. The braces actually hit the tank and don't allow the mounting holes to line up. I'm gonna try a couple of options to make it work. First, I'm gonna try taking off the tank. Then try mounting the braces and the tank back on. I really don't think it will work, but I want to try it before I try plan B. Plan B is to knotch out the braces to make them fit with the 3.2 tank.

I already talked to W.C. and they weren't aware of the problem (in their defense, they do tell customers that they will most likely NOT fit with any oversized tank.....just to be safe, even though it might work with some tanks). My buddy has an '04 450R with the IMS 3.2 tank and the braces cleared the tank and mounted perfectly. The rep. at W.C. said that he thought the '05 worked as well with the 3.2 tank. He sounded a little shocked about it not fitting with the '06. Maybe IMS redesigned their tank for the '06?

Just wanted to let some people know if they have this tank and are looking for braces, this combo will not work without modifications!

I had the same problem with my Clarke 2.8 gallon tank and the WC rad braces on my 05 CRF450. I tried a bunch of mods to make the WC braces fit but, I wasn't satisfied with any of them. I opted to buy a set of Flatland Racing radiator guard for $75 from the TT store. They fit perfect and do not hit the tank at all. Not to mention they are much stronger than the WC braces.

While I was at it I replaced the WC engine guards and skid plate with the Flatland Racing skid plate. What a difference in quality, fit and finish. Now all I need to to do is sell the WC stuff on ebay. :applause:


So a buddy and I decide to try to make the braces fit. First he wants to see how the braces will line up. He (by mistake) grabs the right brace and lines it up on the left side and all the mounting holes line right up (the works connection logo is now upside down). We grab the left brace and line it up on the right side and it almost lines up. Only the frame mounting hole is off a little bit. So we re-drilled the hole for the frame mouting hole on the brace and it all lined right up.

**So these braces will work with the tank if you swap the left side with the right side and re-drill 1 hole on the new right brace!** - Mike


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