KTM 65 Excel rims/Buchanan spokes

My friends son has an 05 KTM 65 that trashed the rear hub. As hard as his son rides, it's probably due to my friends lack of maintainance when it comes to the spokes. He ordered up a set of Excel rims, Buchanan spokes, and a new rear hub. The front hub was ok and will be re-used. I went to lace up the wheels, and found that the Buchanan spoke nipples are too big to fit into the Excel rim. Went on the Buchanan web site, and they're closed until Jan 3rd so there's no one there I can ask. Has anyone run across this before? I'm wondering if you just take it upon yourself and drill out the rim. Doesn't seem right to me. I'd hate to drill out the rim only to find on Jan 3rd that I have the "type A" nipple and need the "type B" nipple. Then I have 2 rims that have the wrong size holes for the correct nipples.

BTW, my friends on vacation in Florida right now, otherwise I would have him look into it. Any help is appreciated......

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