Mesuring correct amount of oil for clutch side

I bought a ratio rite cup but noticed on the side case of my bike it say's 670cm and on the measuring cup there is no cm measurement theres a cc

measurement pints and oz but no cm I thought I read here on TT that people have been using the ratio rite cup to measure the amount of oil for the clutch side on the crf 450 because the little oil level bolt is not correct.

Is the cm measurement the same as cc?

Thank's Doug

After I typed the first part of this post I was looking Thur other post and a person said they heard to use (590cc) Is this correct?


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Use 20 ounces on the tranny side. The side case amount that you see is for a dry fill only! Normal oil changes use 20 ounces.

ccm, cc...same thing...the 670 is the stock amount to refill after a rebuild. Just put 650cc's in it and youre good.

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