I rode my S to work yesterday for the 1st time in several weeks due to fairly chilly weather. Since it had been a while I... kinda... well... let's put it this way. I sorta did a few wheelies on my trip... yes I was naughty :bonk: but it SURE WAS FUN!!! Man the bike even seemed like it had more HP... guess my Butt dyno has to be recalibrated from lack of use.

These DR-Zs sure are FUN bikes!! I was so pumped I got my KDX out and did a few more wheelies in our culdesac.


did the very same thing today.... took my lunch break, went home and jumped on the drz and off i went.... there's an old rode the turns off the main rode that i live on.... it's a dead end road with no traffic and it has a slight hill at the beginning of it.... that's where i practice most of my wheelies.... cuts out a couple stop lights on the way to work too

I did that a little the other day too. I couldn't stop wheelie-ing and since it was cold out it took the tires a little longer to heat up, causing some nice corner about a grin!! :applause::bonk::cry::cry::cry: On one of my wheelies, I hit about 11:00 - 11:30ish...and not only was it a grin, but it was an out loud WHOA! I almost looped it having too much fun. I calmed down a little after that.

Where've you been DJ???? YOu're laggin' bro!!

i know, man.... i've been lurking more than chatting.... been on supermoto junkie, checking out vids and such mostly

i'd have to flood this place to catch back up, i'm sure that'd please everyone.... random babble about nothing and cocoa puffs

I've been lurking a lot too the last few weeks. Until like yesterday. Have you noticed the large influx of newbies? It's cool...the more the better.

Cocoa puffs...cinnamon toast crunch, dude.

Sorry Tom...

yeah, the drz clan seems to be growing rapidly....

i've seen alot more drzs zoomin' around town as well.... gonna have to start leavin' notes on their bikes so we can join forces and take over this town.... drown out those harley hawgs with a huge symphony of thumper exhaust notes

... the bike even seemed like it had more HP...

It does have more HP in cold air, particularly if it is dry.

I rarely ever see a DRZ riding around town here I wish I saw more.

Me too. I know they exist here in Sacramento, but I NEVER see them. I've only seen like three or four since I've been riding. Well 5 if you count the time Nate and I went riding.

Seems to be a fair amount of Va. and Nc. DRZ'rs here ,we should ge together and ride sometime. I'm in Farmville but willing to travel for a good ride. Just a thought.

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