I just got a new dirt bike and am getting back into it so i can ride with my kids. I need a helmet thats cheap but good. I saw an anzio that's DOT & Snell rated for very cheap...are they any good? I'm not super fast or racing but then again this is my melon we're talking about.

I need a helmet thats cheap but good.

You just described the HJC line. :applause:

If you've got a couple hours, and like very technical explanations, read this http://motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/hatz/. If not, the answer is that safety performance and weight have no correlation to price.

Yeah I'd recommend HJC's not too expensive and a good product, not to mention good looking.

If not, the answer is that safety performance and weight have no correlation to price.
I disagree. Many of the lightweight helmets utilize exotic materials like carbon-fiber and manufacturing processes that make them more expensive. A better statement would be that price has no correlation to quality or performance. Except for the really cheapo units, almost any helmet made today offers about the same level of crash protection. What drives the vast differences in price are fit, materials, features, and graphics. An Arai may be a great fitting helmet with lots of air vents, a cool visor, removable interiors and great paint, but it won't give you any more protection than a good HJC or other brand. So long as they both have the same level of Snell and DOT certification, they will provide about equal protection in the event of a crash. More important than a helmet's price or fancy paint job is that it fit properly. I pay extra for my Arai helmets not because I think they'll protect me better, but because they fit better. I also have 2 HJCs, a Fly, a Fox and two Simpsons. I would feel comfortable in any of them.

Another problem with expensive helmets is the user is more likely to hold onto them longer than is safe. While you should stop using any helmet that has suffered a significant impact (hard enough to penetrate the paint) someone that spent $500 on a helmet is likely to keep using it after a crash or long past its service life. The average service life of a helmet is 5 years from date of manufacture (stamped on the inside under the lining). Fabrics deteriorate and chemical reactions in the substrate reduce the helmet's effectiveness after this period. After 5 years or a significant impact, my helmets go up on the wall in my office as a conversation piece.

I suggest you do what I did.....I'm trying to get back into dirt riding...been riding on the street the last decade or so....

So I looked at helmets on-line just to get an idea about pricing...wouldn't buy one on-line, really need to try them on.

Went to a local cyclegear shop that had a wide selection of helmets...tried on various brands/models/sizes....some of the so-called lower priced helmets that are DOT and Snell approved fit pretty well....Ended up getting an O'neal helmet that was on Sale....Even different model of O'Neal helmets fit me differently...they had another model on sale, that was priced a little higher, but it fit much different than the one I ended up buying...

so to make a long story short....just go into a shop and try on as many as you can....then pick one!

so to make a long story short....just go into a shop and try on as many as you can....then pick one!

EXACTLY! Buy a helmet for fit first, everything else second. :applause:

HJC :applause:

Find the best fitting DOT and Snell approved helmet, and buy it. If it dosen't fit, it dosen't do you any good.

I agree with all that has been said but I personally would still steer clear of some of the cheapest helmets. I was in a crash that broke a helmet in half across the middle and put me in a coma for 3 days so I do not skimp on quality. I will admit that it was a horrible crash and some of the more expensive helmets would have done no better but you are off to a good start by researching. :applause:

HJC has not let me down yet from some more horrible crashes. I have a pr

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