Whips....on the face

I learned whips yesterday at 3palms.... I can get very close to flat. Im going back tomorrow and ill come home with pictures.

But anyways, All the guys getting flat were leaning on the face and turning.... Can you get flat without doing that? Because what about jumps with ruts, or FMX ramps... you cant turn up those faces...

My dad said I "HAD" to turn up the face... Well I have seen vids when people dont and still get beyond flat, but I just want to make sure im right.


Everyone I ever see doing a real flat whip, turns up the face while kinda seat bouncing the jump. Broc Hepler does some sick ones over this 95 foot table at our local track. When he goes to whip it out he seems to be going slower then he pins it while kinda sitting and loading and turning up the face.

Get us some good pics,, :applause:

How did you go about learning them? I'm finally starting to learn how it works. I put my butt to one side of the seat and sorta use the steering stem as a lever to push the bike to the side and kinda diagonally forward, and while I'm doing that i move my upper body and feet in the opposite direction. To bring it back I pull back the other way on the steering stem and push with my legs. I don't really start this process until right when I leave the ground though. I can't get it totally flat yet. I think i just need to go for broke and start the whole process earlier, so I'm leaning sideways before I even get in the air.

if you go to the dc shoes website and watch the vid with pastrana and millsaps talking about whips they say that they are seat bouncing and sort of leaned towards the direction they are going to send the handlebars. Watch the video cuz its a lot more helpful then I am.

I was watching a video the other day where some riders were doing natural type jumps, with basically one big rut as the face. What they all seemed to be doing was leaning there body, but keeping the bike straight on the face. Once in the air, they kept leaning over, then eventually pulled the bike over, flat. I understand, and can do that. I just am not sure how they were getting flat.

that's pretty sweet that you ride at the same track that broc rides at. i wish we had some cool tracks here around Salt Lake City where pros ride. So broc hepler is originally from pennsylvania?

Once i leave the face i push the bars down to the ground and let my right leg loose and "stand" on my left.

i have trouble getting it flat...but i can get it totally sideways, do i need to push down on the bars?

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