WMR Suspension Revalve

Has anyone had WMR Revalve there suspension? Do they do good work? :applause:

i havent used there suspention but they do very good work all together especially there motor work and they specialize in the rmz-250 (thats there bike of choice)

I have had a lot of work done by WMR, suspension and motors. I love my suspension, it was almost perfect when I got it back and they helped me get it dialed in even better by talking to them on the phone. Great race shop! BTW they work on every brand not just KX and RMZ, I have Honda's and a YZF and they have worked there magic on those as well.

FWIW Willie Manning, the WM of WMR is not at WMR any longer. If you are wanting real Willie Manning Racing work send him a PM.

The WMR shop still exists with Bob and Joe, and questions about that can be answered by Bob, beleived to be AKA MXER43 here at TT.


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