Head light screen

Hola Gang,

Eddie here from the WR forums. got a simple question for you XR guy's.

I got a few Baja trips plan out for the first few months of the year and

I like to protect my head light with a metal mesh screen. I only seen XR's

with them on :bonk:

Is there a vendor who you guy's buy this from or do you drive to Home Depot pick up chicken wire and rig it up your self?

Grassy ass :applause:

Baja Designs sells them. Simple, sturdy and they work.

Chicken wire and even lexan. I seen it on Martha Stewart.

Chicken wire and even lexan. I seen it on Martha Stewart.

put mine back on after awhile without .went to dez today with buds and got pelted with rocks not a problem .i got them back on the fireroad with my new 120 maxxis .sure felt good

I saw a post back somewhere with pictures , where a guy cut a piece of lexan and siliconed it to light with 4 dots of the caulk in each corner. or better yet he also had 4 vecro tabs in each corner . As to be abble to clean in & out when needed.

Dual Star sells a Lexan sheet that adheres to the headlight glass. You trim the excess off. I've used it for over a year without a problem.

I bought my screen about 2 years ago from Baja designs. I had to drill 4 small holes in the shroud but it has held up well. I installed it the same time I went to the glass lens.

A piece of Lucite ($6.00 for 24"x18"x 3/32") and four velcro tabs work for me. You can take it off for the street or to clean it. I think for the street legally you can't have anything covering a headlight but then I've seen alot of non DOT turn signals and tires out there.

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