stewart 125 big jump vid, anyone have it?

i remember a vid of bubba on the 125, he was holding it wide open jumping like a whole section. it was completely insane! it was in the night too i believe if that helps anyone.

soo can anyone dig it up?

oh yeah that one night at that one track!be a little more specific and i could help track?race?

It was a practice track at nite. he had to come off the track to do it i know. i saw it before. its sweet! :applause:

Josh #00

I know which one you are talking about.. it was filmed at Bithlo in Florida (sandy track) when he was there practicing one night. I'm pretty sure a guy that used to post as Marcad57 on Motodrive filmed and posted it. He was a friend of Bubba and unfortunately died this past year from a heart attack at the track.

I think that is it, but I saw it from a different view though. You could really see the whole thing. Monsterous for a 125! (But Bubba was riding tho) Haha.

Josh #00

that is gay

that didnt look like bithlo? The dirt dont look right? maybe its the picture

cool vid

Wouldnt it be funny if he were to go to a local race, disguised as someone else, and school every other rider out there on his 125? That would be hilarious to see the look on the faces of the 450 riders as they get passed by a 125.

That was awsome.

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