Ranger vs Dakota

Ok so I may be in the market here soon for a new truck and these are the 2 that I've decided I could afford. I am looking at something in the '01-'03 era, both with ext cab. The Ranger would have to have the 4.0L V-6 and the Dakota I would want the 4.7L V-8. Right now I think I would prefer the Dakota because of the extra size and power, but the Rangers are a little more common and they have that nice supercab with the access doors. With kids those doors would be nice to have, not that my kids will ride in the truck all that often. On the other hand I could even maybe buy the Dakota Quad cab, but that has such a short bed. What I am curious about is which of these 2 trucks is the most dependable and trouble free, and which get's the best mileage?

I cannot tell you about the Dakota but the ranger with a 4.0 will get between 16-18 MPG. Mine was extremely dependable and had good power for its size,

My buddies old V8 Dakota was a gas hog. My 04 Ranger 4.0 gets abou 16-18 and as mentioned has great power. No V8 needed... The Super cab doesnt have accessd dors on bith sides unless you get the 4x4 I believe. That may be a factor.

I have only had one problem with my Edge, a servo or something in the tranny went out at about 30k. This thing handles really well and is a blast to drive with the 4.0.

My son has a 99 ranger longbed. Has the heavy trailer package etc. Gets about 21 on the highway, and 17 or so around town. (He drives very easy). Has plenty of power. Very nice truck. We have pulled heavy trailers over mountain passes and were very impressed. The Chrysler stuff I ownand have been around are gas hogs! My wife's Grand Cherokee gets 11 mpg in town. Thats lees than a Suberban should get, and less than my 1984 Wagoneer gets. My other son drives an F-150, it will get much better gas mileage than my wifes G.C. Go figure. Chryslers product support has been non existant at best.

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