TTR to KX or KX to TTR

I have a friend who is hooking me up(for free :applause: )with a '99 KX80 rolling chassis, no motor. Should I, #1) Transplant the KX front end over to the TTR-125, or #2) transplant the TTR engine into the KX frame ?

Decisions, decisions......

I would put the front end on the ttr instead of the engine transplant. To me, it sounds easier with less work, time, and money. Hope this works out. Post pics when you're finished. :applause:

ditto muddy, the kx frame would be way to much hasel but killer fun when ya get it done..if ya have a ton on time and lots of fab. experience go for it..if not id go with the forks :applause:

do u know if the forks will even work with the ttr? id spend the time and put the ttr engine in the kx

The TTR motor in KX frame would be so much cooler if you can do it. I would say go for it.

Been Contemplating too about the Idea about of putting the TTR Motor in a KX 100. I believe that the KX 80 Chassis has a 17" front wheel and 14" rear wheel, but still good. Has Disc Brakes front and rear and a Full Cradle frame. If you do the TTR motor conversion into the KX, Don't forget Pic's . Sure would like to see how it turns out.

KX forks will go on the TTR. I would go the other way, drop the motor in the KX frame. Better geometry, brakes and it should be stonger (unless you have to hack it up for motor install).

I would definitely put the ttr engine in the kx frame or better yet find an old kx engine on ebay and put that in. Good luck with whatever you do.

I'm at the end of my TTR days. Everyday, I wish i had a better chassis w/ better suspension. i could have opened the air box, rejetted, got a lighter cam, different exhaust, $160 on BBR springs(or 'fat-people pogosticks', as I like to call them) and about as much money as I want to spend on the engine. But I haven't done any of that, all b/c the suspension, and chassis are not up to par. :applause: The answer should be obvious.

lighter cam
is a lighter cam?? never herd of a lighter cam

the cam that spins and opens the valves.

There is a dyno at the bottom of that page.

The point is, your getting bigger, stronger, faster. You can always do something to the engine, it's the suspension that can not keep up. REMEMBER "The chain is only as strong as it's weakest link." I wish my TTR had clickers, and adjustments besides preload.

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