bikes that come in the crate.....

anyone purchased a new bike for lower price to get bike not fully assembled? are the cabels already ran, is the motor already set in frame??? just would like some general info. on this subject. thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I was under the impression that they HAD to assemble the bike for insurance reasons.

my buddy bought his 05 crf 450 this way, in the crate. removing it from the crate took more work than the assembly he said. The only thing I remember he said that was not on was the front wheel. He said the bars were on it already.

I'm wrong. I must have been fed some BS.

Ive seen them packed with the front wheel off, front fender off, and bars off the triples (cables hooked up) and twisted inline with the bike.

I work at a motorcycle dealership, we get all bikes sent to our site warehouse. The Honda's from what I gather come in a steel crate, what we do is uncrate the sides with an impact gun, install the handlebars, get the hydrualic forklift, put two straps on the handlebars lift the bike into the air, install the front wheel and then once you've got a rolling chassis it's easy...

My dad had his 2006 Honda CRF250R in the crate, a little discount, but was a little bit annoying to build without the aid of a forklift.

The motors are set in, the cables need simply routing, the front fender requires installation and so does the front number plate.

something like this! Usaully the bars/front fender and wheel is off!


My 02 CRF 450 came in a crate. Like Utah Joe said, it was more work removing the crate than it was to assemble the bike. Honestly, I was amazed by how well-prepped the bike was from the factory. If you can bolt on handlebars, a wheel, a number plate and add oil, you'll be fine. We're talking 30 minutes of assembly once the bike is free from the Iron Maiden they send it in.

It's pretty gay that they charge you 100 bucks to put a front tire on.

does buying the bike in the crate void the warranty?

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