Will an XR600R (94) Tank Fit on an XR650L (01)?

Will my XR 600R IMS desert gas tank fit on my XR 650L? I'm getting conflicting answers so I thought I would come to the source of all XR knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

the 4.0 will, the 4.7 the tunnel isn't big enough and won't fit.

the mountings are different... i am comparing my plastic original XR6 tank to my metal XR650L tank now. But i do think its possible with some modifications.

XR650LSMGSGP is correct. The major difference is in the mounting for the huge wings that are on the stock fuel tank for the XR650L.

The two tanks are not interchangeable, unless you have a torcch, money, or both.

You don't put the wings back on silly!

Thanks for the info! Think I'm gonna buy a clarke 4.0. The small metal tank doesn't do it for me on 120 mile round trips.

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