04 tc450 for hare scrambles?????

anyone ride the tc450 in tight woods???? Been riding true enduro bikes for the past several years. found good deal on an 04 tc. With it being a 5 speed thought it might work ok in the woods and also as a play bike. thinking of putting a recluse on it too might help with stalling.

Yep, it'll work! We have friends that ride the TC's in Harescrambles with good results. Depending on how tight your trails are, you might have to gear down to get 1st low enough. If you go to a recluse, you should be fine just as it is. Theirs are a little louder than the TE's. Go for it! :applause:

The TC works wonders in tight woods :applause:

It works great for Hare Scrambles/XC type racing. Haven't tried a recluse, but it would probably help. I also use a remote hotstart.

Is the seat really hard like most MX's? Also will a te seat fit on the tc???

Where di you get your remote hot start for your 04 TC 450? Thanks. Steny

I have ridden my TE 450 alot in tight woods when I lived back in Hawaii and I can tell you that if the going gets slow and there is excessive rear wheel spin, it will boil and steam. If you can move along at a fair pace its fine, just when it gets too slow and not enough air is moving through the radiators. i noticed my overflow tank cap is melted, and its from too much steaming. I'm 5'10" 165 lbs, so the 450 can be big for me when the pace is slow and tight. Don't get me wrong, I am quite happy withthe bike, even in the woods here in CA. Hope that helps.



ProEFX Hot Start System. Probably important to note that I changed the carb to a Keihin.

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