Is it mx'rs version of the street bike crew riding fiddys?

I was wanting a fifty to play and stunt around on but i think i would have much more fun on a YZ85. I'm 6'4'' 190lbs, would the YZ85 haul me around ok and make some decent small jumps ok without breaking parts all the time?

Post pics of yours if you have any.

think it mite, i bough a 1997 kx80 for £30 awhile ago, it was in bits (everthing in bits engine etc) and the guy just wanted shot of it, so i'm gonna fix it, try it as a pit bike etc etc and/or sell it!

EBAY "pit bike" i got a chinese knock off add its way sick..


your a little to big for an 85 try a 150f :applause:

80s and 85s are fine to mess around on. they got plenty of power too!

yeah 85's will pull me fine and im 165 was 185 when i rode the 85 though....tons of power for sucha small engine....was a little cramped though im 5'7 or 5'8 and the frame seemed like a bicycle to me

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