how were the 02 250's?

looking for a green sticker bike....found a lot of 02's in great shape....

Everyone says the engine has no low end grunt and the consensus is the RC valve sucks. Its a shame cause otherwise it seems to be a great bike.

I ride a 02 250 with 10 oz flywheel weight & Fatty pipe and have NO problem with low end power. May not be the best for MX but for woods,H/S & GNCC it works great for me. My riding buddies all have GAS GAS`s & KTM EXC`s with auto clutches and all the woods goodies & even they`re impressed with my MX bike on the climbs & mud holes, for what you can pick one up for. I say go for it.

A close buddy of mine is a "B" class desert scrambles racer (like me). He kicks butt on a 2002 CR250R.

I bought 2 02 CR250's new in Aug of 02. Havent had any problems at all with either. One is completely stock and the other has exhaust, suspension, etc etc. The one with the pipe has no lack of power at all. The stock bike is obviosly a little slower but it's nice and clean. No problems with the RC valve.

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