YZ faster Then WR?

I was trail riding with some friends this weekend and one of them was riding a stock 00 yz 426 and I was riding a 01 wr 426 white bros exaust 8 discs, grey wire mode air cover off and throttle stop cut. on long straights I thought I would be able to pull away from him with my transmission difference but he was pulling away from me!!!


I think the YZ's have a taller 4th and 5th gear. I was always unter the impression the YZ's were a little faster. Also depends on what you are running for gearing. Ask te YZ guys. They may help you a little.

WR fourth and fifth are both taller than respective YZ ratios, 4% and 12% respectfully. Stock WR sprocket gearing is 2% shorter though, but that means the WR should still have about 10% more top speed.

15/47 gearing (14/49 is stock) puts the YZ in the same ballpark top speed. That’s what my calculator tells me, anyway.

You should have been able to dust the YZ up top, my friends WRs with no lid and E series will do so, and I usually run 14/47. Something is amiss.

Don't get me wrong I was going way to fast to begin with and my bike seems to be running awesome lots of power. I was just wondering why the yz was faster


I learned sompin t'day/

Hey Hick and Mike,

Good info...I really don't care about doin 90 mph through the woods but I would like to be able to keep up with the 426's in the short stuff....As much as I hammer on my WR I can't match the lower end....Now on long straight stuff I can spank em If I get the urge. I'm considering going 14/52 or better...

Whatcha think?

Bonzai... :)

I like the 14/52 myself. It gives you better low end and helps keep you from that "in between gears" in the tight woods. You loose top end, but gain everywhere else. Improves the snap comming out of the corners which make the bike feel a little lighter. Easier to loft the fron as well.

Hey all. I have a 98 wr 400. I have two friends who have yz 400. I have mine geared down one tooth in the front with a FMF exhaust and all the mods dome. i weigh 240. One friend has his geared down with an FMF exhaust on it. He weighes 260. It is dead even until i hit 4th and 5th then i pull away. But my other buddy who has a stock yz with it being geared down kicks my ass every time. COuld be that he weighes 170. Yea that must be it. Anyway that is my two cents.

the engines, ignition and carb are pretty much the same. the difference is in the weight, the gearing/gerabox and the lack of flywheel on the YZ.

it should be quicker in the lower gears but the wr should win on top end. sure a YZ will beat your Wr but it spends all the time at the red line.

the wr was designed to ride without pulling it down. revs kill!

by the way the wr gearing is 'taller'.



Thank you for your most excellent post. Succinct, regardless of translation. (Please explain "without pulling it down")



Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

I love my lunch break!!!


i presume this is tongue in cheek, right?

but i shall fall for it all the same. i had to look up what succinct meant!

if you rev out a c/r box in first and then keep kicking the box into top gear you will have hit the top revs in each successive gear.

the cam timing complements this by producing the best power for the YZ near the top/red line.

revs kill!

maybe you haven't heard that expression.

the wr, with few changes, is designed to be somebodies roadbike and clock up thousands of miles without a rebuild.

i don't think you need me to tell you that pulling it down is an engine rebuild (top end?)


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According to Webster's: Tongue in Cheek; "ironically or mockingly; insincerely".

Your answer to the question "YZ faster than WR" was short, simple and easy to understand; succinct.

No, my post was not "tongue in cheek". I did not know that "pulling it down" means rebuilding the top end.

I posted the same question a while ago (YZ vs WR)and never got a clear answer.



Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

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