Keihin Leak Jet (as opposed to OEM) Part #'s needed

What are the Keihin part #s for leak jets for an FCR-37 MX? I have the Yamaha part #s, but my idiot dealer says the sizes I want are back ordered...and he is too clueless to track down the Keihin part #s directly.

The SUDCO catalog parts schematics for the FCR-MXs are wrong in that they do not even show the leak jets which thread into the float bowl. Because of this I can't track down the leak jet part #s.

In the 'Slow Jet" section of the SUDCO catalog, there is a table of 'Accelerator Pump Jets'...Keihin part # N424-52-***, but I am not sure if this is the leak jet.

I am specifically interested in a #40 and #55.

Thanks in advance.

"Accelerator pump jet" sounds like the right part to me. Don't know for sure, but if the price is in the $5-$10 range, it's probably the right thing.

The Sudco page you want is 119 displaying the "Accelerator Pump Jet for OEM FCR-MX", p/n N424-52-019-752 for the #40 and N424-52-019-758 for the #55. Those are the leak jets :applause: ...SC

Here is the part # for an 05 crf250 leak jet #55 99108-MEB0550. That's a Honda oem # but it should work for your carb.

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