new 05crf450x owner

any issues with removing baffle on 450x does it enhance performance at all, or just make this bike run louder. wife bought brand new for me for christmas haven't ridden yet live upstate NY weather really bites for trail riding ant thoughts would be appreciated

Welcome to TT. Don't feel bad, I have had my new 04 450X for over 6 weeks without even one ride on the bike yet.

where you from pete

where in upstate? im in rochester

You can cut the tip of the baffle off and it will help it flow better and the sound output stays basically the same. This is what is recomended in the closed course mods. If you removed the whole baffle it would be Very loud. Im not sure how it would run with the baffle gone.


I would ride it first. This bike is pretty fast and you may not need it any faster. I know some guys are fast enough to need it.

Well I suggest ride it then remove the baffle and ride it again and compare and be sure to do this while the bike is pretty new cause its easier to remove without carbon buildup.I dont think mine is that loud with it out and I think it runs a little better also.I live at about 5000ft elevation and I just got done doing the JD jetting kit with the airbox mods and the pink wire mod and I am alot happier with the bike now.I put a small toggle switch on that pink wire so I could connect it and disconnect it to compare and what I have found is with the pink wire disconnected my bike runs smoother and doesnt cough over whoops and such near as bad or as much.Bought the micro toggle switch from Radio Shackand installed it into airbox just drilled a small hole on back side of airbox towards the ignition modual installed the switch with the toggle lever inside airbox towards front wheel all i have to do to cxhange it is kill the bike open up the quick release side cover and switch the switch.

whiteman im sure you are right good input thanks

hey zack just out side of canandaigua

remove it, it runs at 96 db without. I have been checked many times. It runs a shit load better also. Better throttle response, and more power

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