which boots???

i like the tech 6 or 8s but they are spendy...is the cost worth it in the long run? should i buy new or used and where to buy...local or on-line? i'm a women's 7 or a men's 5/6.



Might consider the Fly Talons, very similar to the tech 8's as they also have the booty insert but much less "spendy" :cry:

You will need to try a pair on tho as sizes seem to be more of a number than a science in mx boots i am a UK size 9 but my boots are a US size 11 :bonk: and they differ from munufacturer to manufacturer so don't assume size X with one company will be the same as another company. Once you have your size go hunt for bargains online, i would buy new as i got a thing about putting my foot into another mans sweaty boots but different strokes for different folks :applause:

tech 6's are great, 8s are better. The 10's are suppost to be even better, they changed the toe so you can feel the shifter more. Some have said there is not enough padding now.

I would think if money was an issue tech 6s or a rival boot manufacture with similar construction would be fine.

Look on line ebay, TT store and rock mountain atv. If you could find used ones that would be even better. As long as they where not worn out or smelly :applause:

ok thanks...sounds like i need to make a trip to the store then for oh how fun hehe trying on boots. for me with my foot being small and narrow it's about what's going to fit and be comfortable. but seems like i was inbetween sizes when i tried on them about a year ago so do i want them to fit like a snowboard boot snug but not having the big toe touch? i mean should i get the smaller or the larger of the two that felt right?

fly talons are junk...ive used tech 8's and tech 10's and wated a cheaper version and got them...they were low quality, buckles sucked and didnt fit great at all...

go on ebay...they have they have the chepest deals u can find on boots..

what about these for women:


has anybody heard anything on these or where i could find a review? i know with soccer shoes it really makes a difference having a womens shoe as they are contoured better to fit our shape.


My father just bought some Tech 10's on Ebay for $321.00 not too shabby....

the thor quadrant boot is great for the $$$$

Your best bet... now that I have read your last post is go to a bike super store (cycle gear, road rider whatever is up there) try on a bunch of styles and brands. Esp the ones made for women. Find the one that fits you best. They should fit like a snowboard boot room in the toe but easy to get into with good ankle support. As long as they are comfortable they fit.

Once you have found what you like then shop for price.

sounds like a plan thanks :applause:.

and what shops in the seattle tacoma area are good? i'm on the eastside but i like to go to rmc in renton as they have variety.


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