Applied extended crf50 fork springs

Have any of you tried these springs with the fork stock assembly. I put them on correctly but the fork legs seem to wobble. :applause:

Go to Ebay and check out item #4600716451. This is a set of fork stiffeners and a set of bushings. The bushings will take out the slop and the stiffeners will keep you from bending the flimsy forks without buying a $150 chromoly leg kit.

If the Applied spring kit you have also fits the TTR-50 the lower aluminum piece will need to be trimmed to go with the stiffeners. No big deal--a minute or so with a hack saw or lathe. :applause:

Once you put in the bushing you will have tight forks... Did you go for the 1 inch longer stiff fork legs also?? If not you shouls look into them, the stock legs will bend..

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