110bore kit or 88bore kit

I was just wondering, would i be better off getting the TB's 88cc bore kit with the Supperhead with carb kitor just a regular 110cc borekit and later on buying like a 20mm carb??

what are you talking about? i assume you mean knockoff motor for the "110cc borekit"

how bout tb 108?

ya i ment the tb 108

well what you want? 88 with race head(not superhead) will be over double the power of stock, the 108 will be about quadruple the power.

you want the complete kits.

this 88 http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=52_53&products_id=710

or this 108


also a clutch and oil pump are neccicery with both kits, an exaust should be in the near future if you dont already have one.

both will give a big boost, how crazy do you wanna get?

I think im probably gona go with the tb 108, but im not sure, anyways thanks for the help

dont forget about the differences in the installation, the 88 is much easier and quicker, 108 requires near complete engine dissasembly.

hmmm, god that changes like everthing...well i wont be able to install the 108. so ima have to go with the tb 88, thanks for the info man

Why wouldnt you be able to install the 108? If you have a manual, its really no harder to install a crank than a cylinder and head. Its gonna take some time either way you go. If i could do it again i would just get the 108 complete kit and do everything at once. I got the 88racehead and manual clutch on the first shot and a year later i ended up putting in the stroker crank anyway because the 88 just wasnt enough power for what i need to do. It will save you alot of time and money if you just get the 108 complete kit. I personnally found the head assembly to be the most diffucult of tasks. Get the 108 kit, a good shop manual, and come back here if you have any questions during the install. fiveoaddict and many others on here were very helpful to me and im sure they would be glad to help with any q's you may have.

you need more tools for the 108, like flywheel puller, impact wrench for that bolt. if you are an completley unexperienced motor builder its not a good idea, lots more parts to deal with, lots more questions to ask :applause:

seperating the cases is so easy, all you really need is a couple more tools

less parts to deal with = less chance of making a mistake..... Also, you will have to buy more parts for the 108...

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