To The Texas Dr Riders

Looks like i may be moving to Texas in a couple months. I understand that the dmv requires a yearly vehicle inspection? if so, do i need to go back to all DOT signals and the like? or will aftermarket smaller signals be ok as long as they work?


Don't sweat it. Texas doesn't require turn signals. Also, for the inspection, the lube places won't ride your bike or anything serious. They check for hi/lo beam, horn, tail and brake light. One place wanted to see the tail light with the engine off to make sure I had a battery. And the biggee, they'll ask if your brakes work...

welcome to Tejas , the good ol boy syndrome is still alive and well here. so I would bet that if you took your bike to the same place you take your cars you wont have to change a thing. What part of Texas?

San antonio to be exact. Hope there is some good street/dirt riding there, vegas has so much in the way of wide open desert thats free to explore. looks like i'll need to get a horn back on then.


BTW , SA is one of the safest cities to live in.

i'm glad there's a lot of Texas riders on here, can't wait to get to exploring. I'll be down there again in a couple weeks, but it's going to be all business during the days.

SA is one of the safest cities to live in.

who would have thunk it! There are still parts you might not want to venture into I'm sure. I lived there for a little while (when I was realy young). I recently went for a visit and its changed a lot since I lived there.

I was supprised too. I saw it on some national new station. it was in the top 10 I think.

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