Views On Rm 450

I need some honest views on the 06 450. I'm a 38 y/o vet rider, try to ride at least 1 time a week I've been riding a 03 yz 450 and it's held up fine but she's getting a little old and I have been given a good trade in prize for her on a Rm along with a little help with a sponsorship. I need some views from those who have been around this bike or have friends that ride this bike to give me some honest feed bike. Thanks

I'm 44 years old and have ridden about 35 of those. Lots of bikes in that time, partial to Hondas. I went yellow and got my '06 RM-Z 450 in November and can honestly say it's the funnest bike I've ever had, so far. Starts easy, handles excellent, plenty of horsepower when you need it. No complaints. You probably won't find many complaints about this bike in this forum just as you won't in other respective bike forums. I'm certainly happy with my purchase.

The RMZ power will be much easier on you than the 03 YZF for sure. You may miss the hard kick of the YZF but once you get used to the smoothness of the RMZ you'll love it.

At 42 years old I couldn't recommend another bike as much as the RMZ..... Great Vet bike. So far no one's had a whole lot of issues.

Nother vet here, 44, this has been my first 4 stroke so taking some gettin used to. One thing my bike did was stall in the air over large jumps. increasing idle speed seems to take care of it. other than that, this thing rocks.

I had an 03 yzf 450 before getting my 05 rmz 450. Riding the rmz takes so little effort compared to the yzf. It feels slower but my lap time are much quicker.

Would not ride anything else. Did I mention how well it corners? Get one!

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