not sure which forum to put this in.. lol?

hey guys, i just got a video camera tonight, and i want to know what you guys think of it. I just got a sony mini dv handycam 12x optical zoom, model number dcr-hc42. im gonna mainly use it for riding.. is it a good quality camera, my dad said it was about 600 bucks or so. It seems real nice, i havent gotten to use it yet, but its got a still shot digital camera as well. I noticed a dvd that came in the box, and im pretty sure it was for a editing program, but my computer already has windows movie maker, so i think im gonna stick with that.. lol.

.. but ya, if anyone can let me know anything i should know about it that would be great..

oh ya, this may sound wierd, but if anyone has a video using the video camera, do you think maybe you could let me see it.

thanks, all input appreciated..


lol.. or no.

Uhh, just post the video when you're done!

i can't let you see it my girl will be very embarresed and annoyed:)

Sounds like a nice cam.

alright guys, this has to do with any video camera. well i just got home, so i decided to take my quad out, and had my brother video tape me. well when i zoom all the way in, or close to all the way in, the video quality gets kind of blurry, do i have to set the zoom or focus or something like that. if i dont zoom in a lot, the quality of the picture is veryyy good. other than that, i am very happy with the camera..

any help is appreciated.


It's because A) the camera has switched to it's "digital zoom" which is a selling feature but means NOTHING.

Or :applause: you are out of the cameras focus range and that's as far as it will the point of where you aren't blurry's really straight forward...just sounds complicated.

is there anyway i can fix it?



The HC-32 with 20X zoom and color view thingy is better, that's what I got...All you're missing is a little better PHOTO quality and widescreen....I got an HC 42 originally but it was defective and wouldn't charge.

is there anyway i can fix it?



Stay in the cameras focal range.

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