removal of front bearings

hey I did a search but nothing. What's the easiest way to pop out the cawksukin front wheel bearings??????

Heat the hub and a bf screwdriver or pry bar.

Got them out. Thanks. When you put the new ones in do I need new rubbers seals as well or just bearings from a bearing shop?

I buy the kit and get the seals and stuff with it.

Huge difference between the new and old rubber seals. Seems to me it'd definetly help to get new ones.

I may as well get the new ones then well it's apart. Thanks Rannoch

Go with the whole set from the dealer,since you already got them out,I wont say that they should almost fallout unless they are burned shut.

Here is a link to a bearing store for every type you may need. They only have XR400 rear listed, but if your looking for any other bearings he has alot.

You can try the TT store or Rocky mountain. My first choice would be to support TT store and then go to RM or vxb. They have all done good by me :applause:;jsessionid=36FD9040371AD87DFD4D6E16F766C63A.webrmatv?navTitle=Bearings&webCatId=14&navType=category

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